Philip 3D Printing

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Want to turn your idea into 3D printed model or pick from one of my 3D model samples
1.  Don’t have a design yet or need inspiration check out Thingiverse, they feature an awesome  collection of designs for 3D printing  
    for free.
2. E-mail your 3D design or Thingiverse file (.STL format)
3. Tell us the color you would like.
4.  Your design should be made to size or tell us the size you would like to be in millimeters or inches.
5.  We will start to get your quote ready for email.
6.  Will send you an e-mail with quote.
7.  Send back an e-mail if quote is OK. 
8.  We will then send you an invoice for payment from PayPal, so we can get started with your design.
9.  Then the design will start, I will ship an send e-mail with tracking information.

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